Stasi Museum

Stasi Museum
2 seats free
4,00 EUR

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29/12/2019 16:00

Duration: 1,5 hours
Meeting time at the Hackertours stand: 15:00 hrs
Meeting time at the location: 16:00 hrs
Location: Dittrichring 24, 04109 Leipzig (public transport: S-Bahn from Messebahnhof, exit at Leipzig Markt after 10ish minutes, take the exit to the west and walk the Barfußgässchen)
Not wheelchair-accessible

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Quelle: Gedenkstätte Museum in der „Runden Ecke“

Leipzig is regarded worldwide as the city of the Peaceful Revolution.In autumn 1989 hundreds of thousands of demonstrators overthrew the dictatorship and won back their democratic freedoms. The route taken by the Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig led from the churches of the inner city via the ring road around Leipzig’s old town – and then past the “Runde Ecke”.

“Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum
Bugs, forged rubber stamps, number plates and passports, devices for opening post, a workshop for making disguises and preserved smells – these are just some of the legacies of the Ministry of State Security shown by the Citizens’ Committee in the permanent exhibition of contemporary history called “Stasi – Power and Banality”. The original tools of the trade of the Ministry of State Security document its history, structure and methods of operation using the Leipzig district administrative department as an example. They are supplemented by selected photographs and documents.

The exhibition called “Leipzig on the way to the peaceful revolution" informs about the events in the autumn of '89, which brought the SED dictatorship to collapse and paved the way for the reunification of Germany.